Besides being a sports fan and sports bettor winning real money and incentives from placing a bet, you can be a long-term earner and make a career in the sports betting industry. Sports betting has gained widespread acceptance and has become legalized in different countries. 

Also, this sports betting market is continuously rising, and a growing percentage of the world’s population has physical or online access to a sportsbook. You can check the 20Bet app online to make easy bets without leaving home. So, it may be the perfect industry to earn with your expertise. Here are some careers you could get into in sports betting.

Careers in the sports betting industry

sports betting industry

If you’re a sports enthusiast involved in any of these, here’s your chance to shoot at incorporating your passions and love of sports betting. Here are the top careers in the sports betting industry.


We already know the sports betting industry has constantly employed technology to improve users’ experience and betting. Technological innovations have changed the betting system, and sporting companies are always searching for professionals to help them transform their services. If this is your focus point in your career, then this is a chance to hit it big, as companies will give anything to meet market demand and match up with the rising competition in the sports betting world. 

Customer service

It has been found and proven that excellent and responsive customer service is necessary for many bettors to pick a sportsbook to bet with. So, bookmakers have ruled out because of poor customer service and slow response.   

Thus, bookmakers ensure that their customer service team is in their top game, with optimal patience and professionalism that can guide and encourage users through their betting experience. If you fit this description, you should consider running along this line. And given the technology available now, this job will not necessarily have you tied up to a place all day.


Sports betting is now a global thing. Hence many sports betting companies are on the line contesting for patronage and people’s attention. Undeniably, every business needs marketing, and sports betting is no less. So, that’s where you come in as a marketer and sports lover. You can put your marketing skills to good use in any sports betting company and help them fight through competitions while you get paid for doing your job.

Risk management

Risk management

Risk management is one of the significant aspects of the sports betting industry. While there are software analyses to determine the odds and probability of events, there’s the need to have human hands good with numbers that could help these companies manage risk. So if you’re a numerical wizard and a sports betting fan, this could be the perfect and rewarding job.

Odds making

Odds are one of the most critical aspects of betting, determining whether bettors win or lose the chance in a game. Thus, you may assume oddsmakers are as much important in the sports betting industry. Individuals with a keen knowledge of probability and statistics, alongside the behaviour of the betting public, hold critical importance in this industry. So if you are this individual, consider going for this role.

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