Playing in online casinos is all about risk. There is always a chance to win or lose. But if you play at a fraudulent online casino site on the internet, it is basically impossible to win. So what to do if you want to gamble? Play only at licensed casinos.

What is the difference between a licensed casino and an unlicensed casino?

 licensed casino

The first and most important difference between a fraudulent online casino and a licensed casino is that you can’t win at a fraudulent site! And the reason is that the owners of cheating sites can control the random number generator, that is, the probability of your winnings. This kind of fraudulent activity can not be licensed and, accordingly, the owners of such Internet resources can not have a confirmed license.

The random number generator or RNG is responsible for the effect of randomness, for the probability of falling out a particular combination in the game. Accordingly, the way the RNG is set up determines the frequency of winnings in the casino. Gambling sites that are not licensed may manage the RPM themselves, exposing unprofitable, or simply losing, the probability for the player.

In licensed casinos as PlayAmo Casino the owner has no ability to influence the internal mechanics of the games and manage the winning probability, since it is checked by the company, which gives the license.

How to determine if an online casino has a license

online casino has a license

All licensed online casino sites list their license: number, company name, date received and the regulator that issued it.

However, scammers are well aware of this, and also indicate license numbers. But these fake numbers are easy to check. Knowing the number, the company and the regulator, all you have to do is go to the regulator’s website and run a search. No fraudulent casino would stand up to such a check.

When checking the license of an honest casino, you can usually also see additional information, such as the licensing class, which determines the format of the operation.

In addition to the correctness of the win probability generator, the regulator checks that the business plan, marketing and financial plans, technical documentation, software certifications, information storage systems and security protocols are in place and strictly comply with the industry’s high standards. Online casinos applying for a license must fully meet absolutely all of the above requirements.

Having a license on an online casino website is your guarantee that all slots, roulette and card games work honestly, that the MSG is set up and working correctly, and that the casino always pays out money from players’ accounts.

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