Many players will tell you that when it comes to gambling, proper money management is not that important. They will also tell you that the most important thing is to play with looseness and feeling, but the truth is that even if you have a lot of money, you will lose all your money in a very short time if you are not careful. As with all other things in life, playing at a casino also requires good planning, where it is the key to success.

When talking roulette, it is also important that players make sure to stick to a strategy, so that a success that players only dare to dream of can almost be assured.

We at DanskeOnlineCasinoer know how it feels to be kicked out of the casino with only DKK 10 left in the account. This is precisely the reason why we have found new ways for players to both win money and keep money. Below we have made a list that must be fulfilled if you want to become an expert at roulette, which can mean that you will always have control over your budget when you play at a casino.

Before you really start playing roulette, we also recommend that you look at the Roulette FAQ, which provides answers to most questions about the casino game.

Stick to a budget for roulette

We’ve all had those nights where one drink suddenly turns into 10 and before you know it, you’re spending money from your savings and calling your ex in the middle of the night. The only way you can avoid these mistakes is if you set a budget and leave your credit cards at home. The same principles actually also apply if you want to keep track of your money when playing roulette.

If you don’t get sent home after 3 spins, you need to have a plan so you know how much and how often you want to make a bet. That way, you won’t lose control where you can end up gambling on a bunch of randoms that weren’t part of your primary plan at all. The best way to avoid this is to plan that you e.g. plays 20 chips per spin and then make sure you stick to this certain number.

Still not completely convinced? Let’s take 1 second to look at the math. If a spin takes an average of 1 minute from start to finish, then this means you will be playing for 1800 chips in 1 single hour. If you want to play for 5 hours, then you have spent 9000 chips, if you don’t win of course. While it’s highly unlikely that you won’t win anything, the reality is that you should always prepare for the worst so that you have enough chips should your bad streak continue.

If you choose to play “inside bets” (bets where it is difficult to win), then you must have a fairly large budget, as it is rare to win on this type of bet. If you play on “outside bets”, you can easily have a much smaller budget when you play.

Beware of using a roulette system

roulette system

Although many roulette fans stick to the Martingale system, the truth is that your budget will be depleted quite quickly, even though many players find the system very effective.

For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about, the Martingale system is a roulette system where players double their bet every time they lose. This means that if you play for 20 chips and you lose, then you have to bet 40 chips next time. There is no doubt that this will drain your budget of money very quickly, as it does not take long before you are playing for a very high amount if you have lost a few times in a row.

Finally, the system really depends a lot on the patience of the player, just like you see with many other systems. If you want to play for smaller amounts, you may actually end up with a return before hitting the casino’s gambling limit. When it comes to money management in roulette, it is best to choose a progressive system as this allows you to increase your stake when you win and not when you lose.

If you would like to read about ways to win at roulette, we recommend reading our roulette tips and tricks.

Know the risks

Know the risks

Because roulette is a game that depends entirely on chance, the casino will certainly always have an advantage. This means that whatever strategy you choose to use, it must be very effective if you want to make money with it.

The best thing you can do is play it safe rather than betting your entire budget on 1 single number. Instead, you should bet. your chips on either red or black where there is a 50% chance of winning. In casino games that depend solely on luck, you take the best care of your money if you play on something that can improve your probabilities of winning.

Stop while it’s still fun

In order to be able to use your money in the best possible way, you basically have to follow a fairly simple principle: Stop while the game is good! The smart roulette player knows how much he/she wants to play for and how much he/she can handle losing. If the player loses the amount that was set aside, then the player will not try to win back what was lost, but just acknowledge that luck was not in his/her favor today.

All players know that there are some days when you are just unlucky, while on the other hand there are also days when luck is with you all day. A very smart player manages to separate this from one another, so you are smart enough to leave the casino if you feel like it’s one of those days when luck just isn’t on your side.

Money management in roulette really checks how seasoned and disciplined a player actually is. You can now try this new knowledge by visiting one of our handpicked casinos on our top list, where you can get ready to win money.

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